How to Clear a Clogged Toilet

clogged toilet

You may be in the middle of a project, and your toilet is clogged. Before you start, turn off the water valve and flush the toilet to clear the pipes. It will help to remove excess water. If you can, mix baking soda and vinegar and pour it down the drain. The mixture will bubble excessively, so you should make sure the toilet is dry. Let it sit for 20 minutes, and then flush again.

Next, you need to remove the clog. Use a toilet auger, which costs between $20 and $50 at most hardware stores. First, insert the auger into the toilet drain and pull it forward. If it does not clear the clog, it is in the trap. Rotate the drill a few times to break up the clog. If this method does not work, call a plumber for assistance.

After you’ve gotten rid of the clog with the plunger, try using other drains in the bathroom. A slow drain can indicate a more serious problem. If it runs constantly, there may be a blockage in the line or in the septic system. When it’s slowing down, you should call a plumber immediately. Otherwise, you should check all the drains in the bathroom for the clog.

When using the plunger, make sure to try other drains in the bathroom to make sure that you don’t have a clogged toilet. If the other drains are working properly, you should try to use other drains in the bathroom as well. If they’re all clear, you should try a snake. Then, if that doesn’t work, you should consider calling a plumber. The cost of hiring a professional to clear a clogged toilet is much lower than hiring a plumber.

A toilet auger is another option. It can be purchased for $20 to $50 at a hardware store and can be used to clear a clogged toilet. A plumber can perform a flushing of the entire system. Depending on the severity of the clog, a water softener may also be necessary. If the clog is in the S trap, a plunger is a good solution.

If you can’t reach the drain, use a drain auger instead. A plumber can use a snake to break up the clogged toilet. If the plunger doesn’t work, you may need to hire a plumber to unclog the toilet. A plunger is a common tool that can help unclog a septic tank, but it won’t be a perfect solution for a septic system.

A toilet auger can be bought at a hardware store for around $20 and can be a good option to unclog a sluggish toilet. A plunger can cause the clogged toilet to become backed up. A plumber will need to use a snake to clear the clog. A plunger is a better option if you can’t find a plunger. A pipe auger is also an effective way to clean a septic tank.

A toilet auger is an alternative to a drain snake. It can be used to clean clogs, but it will damage your toilet’s porcelain. Using a coat hanger will prevent this from happening. If you’re using a drain snake, you need to get a plumber who has the right tools to remove the clog. A plumber will be able to solve the problem faster than you can do it yourself.

A snake can be used to remove a clog. The auger is a simple tool that can be bought at most hardware stores for about $20. Using it, however, requires a bit of expertise and patience. For this reason, it is better to call a plumber than to attempt a DIY clog removal. Then, you will be able to flush the toilet and have a clear toilet that will function.

You can also try a drain snake to clear a clogged toilet. You can use a wire coat hanger and a rag to protect the porcelain from damage. If you can’t find the clot, you can try a wire coat hanger with a hook on it. The clog should be loose in the bowl. Once you’ve found it, try flushing the toilet. Once you’ve cleared the clump, you can continue with the other steps in the process.